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Forget boards and nets and drills. If you want to break records in cricket, join Instagram. The feat he did was for world champion Dewald Brevis on Monday, smashing 162 off 57 balls in a T20 game in South Africa. The 19-year-old batsman’s shots are similar to AB de Villiers, they are all designed.

“Since I was a kid – and even now – I watch a lot of videos on Instagram about AB and all these guys, [as to] how they hit the ball,” Brevis said Snow after lifting his home team, the Titans, to 271 for 3 against the Knights in the CSA T20 challenge. “And I like AB’s bat swing. It goes back in your head, you see the way the ball goes, the way the bat falls and everything. So I try to watching as much as possible and being myself. .”

“Even when I was young, I always wanted to hit the ball as much as possible,” Brevis said. “For me, from the beginning it was the same [about being] good and fearless. You don’t want to go on the crazy side, but play ball by ball, stay focused and live in the moment. I was just living this time…

“I’m always looking to hit boundaries. I think that’s the most important thing to play fearlessly and aggressively is to be in a very strong position. And if the ball is there, you take it. But if you wait for the ball and it’s long, if it doesn’t hit there, then it just happens (wait for the next one) So you look right, if there’s a slight backwardness of the length that going up, if you’re strong, you just wait. And if the ball is good, usually, you just hit the bat, then one.”

Brevis’ 162 was the highest score in a CSA T20 Challenge or CSA T20 Provincial Cup, bettering Pieter Malan’s 140* for Western Province during the 2014-15 season. And, inevitably, there were questions about his readiness for national selection, the only things he decided to play with the dead bat.

“This is the next step,” Brevis said. “I believe that the people in charge know what’s best. Everything is right. This is where I have to be. This has to be done. This is part of my trip. I’m in the right place where I want to be. We never know what’s going to happen.”

South Africa are understood to be interested in the youngster in their squad, but first they want him to make it through the domestic cricket season. Franchise T20 sides have no such reservation. Mumbai Indians signed him after his record-breaking performances at the Under-19 World Cup in February, and he will also represent them in the SA20. He has also played for St Kitts & Nevis Patriots in the CPL and will soon switch to Kandy Falcons in the Lankan Premier League.

But that’s in the future. Meanwhile, Brevis wants to explain everything. “It’s a very special day,” he said. “Some things haven’t really sunk in yet. I’m so grateful for the talent that God has given me. It’s very special and beautiful to be able to make a living in my life playing cricket.”


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