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Sister Wives’ Christine Brown is self-employed, and the reality star has lost a lot of weight since her split from Kody.

He’s Kody Brown’s girlfriend on Sister Woman has struggled with weight, but Christine Brown has worked on herself for years to change her unhealthy habits. The mother of six is ​​a stay-at-home mother and devoted to her children. Now it’s time for her to focus on herself and her life.

Although Christine is the best in the middle Sister Woman viewers, they often say that she is not very happy with her body; after the birth of her six children, she spent many years at home raising and building a home. While living in Lehi, Utah, Kody’s four wives rarely had time to keep in shape as he was often running errands due to his extravagances. But over the past few years, Christine has become more independent, making Kody nervous and excited Sister Woman touch


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Christine Brown Shines At Logan’s Wedding

Christine has never looked better as she heads out for the family reunion of the year, sharing her stunning photos on Instagram. Christine wasn’t talking to Mary or Robyn, but Kody’s third wife stayed close to Janelle and her kids and didn’t think twice about not attending Logan’s weddings. especially after working hard on a new body. The navy blue dress looked perfect on the Sister Woman blond, and Sister Woman Fans can expect to see an update to her look soon.

Christine Brown Rocks Purple

Christine stepped out in this purple jogging suit, showing that she’s ready for a weight-loss body transformation just like Janelle. Sister Woman Fans loved seeing the mother-of-six keep up with her exercise routine and healthy lifestyle. Christine told fans she was doing a 21-day challenge to help her immune system and increase her immunity. Sister Woman Fans are loving how well Christine is doing, as her new life looks very good, as evidenced by Christine’s mega-watt smile in this picture.

Christine Brown: Red Lady

Sister Woman Viewers got their first glimpse of Christine’s improved appearance in this stunning ad in which she wears a bright red coat, complementing her blonde hair. She told her students that she is working hard to make better decisions about her health and life. It was a good choice for him as he had never been better. Despite her divorce, Christine will not leave Sister Woman, and fans are happy because they find it very exciting. Eat your heart out, Kody.

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