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More than a year before Courtney Clenney killed her boyfriend during a domestic dispute, Christian Obumseli sent her a message saying he stabbed her in the leg. can walk.

The next day, the 27-year-old Black man sent his girlfriend, an OnlyFans fan with hundreds of thousands of followers, another nasty text message saying she was hit in the head several times at time to argue – and force. —it looks like he’s still bruised.

Despite these written accounts of the relationship on the side, the two remained together, with Obumseli occasionally issuing apologies—including the 26-year-old white woman’s statement that she clinging to sarcasm.

“Will love kill me?” Obumseli texted Clenney on February 28, 2022, according to messages obtained by The Daily Beast and first reported by the Miami Herald. “February was the worst month so far. I was cheated on. I was called that word again. I was slapped in the stitches. [sic] it is opened many times and does not heal quickly. I’ve been kicked out.”

The Miami County State’s Attorney’s Office says that about a month after Obumseli sent the letter to Clenney, the student stabbed her boyfriend in the heart during an argument in his Their apartment is on the 22nd floor of One Paraiso.

At the time of the incident on April 3, Clenney told a 911 operator that Obumseli “had a stab wound on his shoulder.” In a police interview, she told police she threw a knife at her boyfriend from 10 feet away. A medical examiner later determined that Obumseli suffered a “blow to the chest … and the knife pierced the subclavian artery.”

Clenney has pleaded not guilty to second-degree murder in Miami, where he is awaiting trial. Her attorneys, who say she was a victim of domestic abuse, say the killing was an act of self-defense.

Prosecutors plan to argue that Clenney was the primary abuser in her relationship with Obumseli—and are set to use her phone data to show the jury. The Daily Beast previously reported that Obumseli had recorded some of their arguments before he killed her, including one that could be heard using a slur.

“You’re a n—–. I want you to get away from me,” Clenney screamed in the five-minute recording, as previously reported by The Daily Beast. when Obumseli was on the phone or on hand, he was heard trying to defuse the situation and apologize.

But new media reports have provided new evidence that the deadly virus did not appear everywhere. The Miami State Attorney’s Office has also released photos of the two deep wounds Obumseli suffered in late January to The Daily Beast, including photos showing cuts on his cheek and his jaw is so bad that text messages indicate that Obumseli went to the hospital to get stitches.

Larry Handfield, a lawyer for Obumseli’s family, told the Herald Newly released documents and photos say Clenney “threatened his life” and “shows a pattern of violence.” He added that the family is planning to file a civil lawsuit for the death of the Instagram Influencer. In a statement to The Daily Beast on Thursday, Clenney’s attorneys objected to the release of evidence in their client’s case — insisting it was “one-sided at a time.”

“That’s not the whole story. The context is missing. The most compelling evidence is being collected by reporters, without proper context, to feed the public’s interest in this case,” said attorney Frank Prieto and his legal team. “What is clear is to us the evidence shows a very strong emotional and emotional breakdown outside of relationships.”

Clenney’s team argued that while they were “putting together all the evidence” for the trial, it should be noted that most of the records released in this case came from Obumseli’s phone calls—and the case should be focused to what happened in April.

“This is what he did that day to save his life,” the legal team said. “It’s not about records, text messages, and past fights. Courtney is a victim of domestic violence and we believe the system failed her when she sought help. Courtney did the right thing that day to protect herself. He feared for his life.

In text messages from October 2021, when the couple was still living in Texas, the two argued after Clenney appeared to take Obumseli’s phone. During their conversation — which happened when Obumseli returned her phone — she said that the day before, Clenney had stabbed her leg and “she couldn’t walk.”

“I still gave you a good day even though my leg was hurting because my girlfriend punched me,” Obumseli said in a text dated October 9, 2021, adding that no He described himself as “bad for a challenge”.

The next day, Obumseli asked Clenney to open a door, saying at one point he hit her “in the fucking face with the phone and kept going.[d] to hit the back of my head with the phone.”

“I’m bleeding. Vomiting—think I’ve had a mild case of anxiety,” he wrote. “I slept in the bathroom for two hours and I just lost my speech.”

Just minutes later, Clenney texted back: “I’m sorry for hitting you in the face and the back of your head and spitting on you. Is that right? No. You just make me stink, but I still love you.

Clenney eventually apologized for the argument and not responding to her messages while she was “in pain,” saying she didn’t know it was “a mild bruise.”

Months later, Obumseli and Clenney were communicating after they moved into a luxury Miami apartment. The two seem to have had another dispute, prompting Clenney to send a message to Obumseli: “I hope you will have time to think about your actions.”

“Have fun at the hospital,” he added in a January 30, 2022, post. “Tell your side and I’ll tell them what happened.”

Photos show that Obumseli had two deep cuts on his face and went to hospital for stitches. But Obumseli hit back at Clenney saying he “won’t say anything” but said he had cut a “football match.”

The documents show that Obumseli continued to text Clenney that evening, asking her to come see him and expressing her fear. In one article, he said he had been stabbed “many times.” The next day, Clenney apologized for not visiting her in the hospital, saying “I’m so sad, sad, and humiliated, I’m so sorry for hurting you .”

On February 28, 2022, messengers, a little more than a month before his death, Obumseli sent his girlfriend an essay that talked about the nature of their relationship – and what Clenney called him a racist.

“Your boyfriend is Black, you call it that,” she said.


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