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Who can forget the days of setting the timer to record your favorite cable TV show? Well, it looks like those days are slowly disappearing as for the first time, in 2022 TV viewers will spend more time watching streaming content than cable TV, according to a poll conducted by TV. Nielsen. Smart TVs are certainly partly responsible for this change, allowing anyone to watch their favorite movies and shows, on the big screen. Investing in one of the best television sets is the best way to expand your home entertainment system and relax with everything in one place.

Many televisions can call themselves “smart,” and there are many ways to get the best ones. This includes smart home integration, audio control, video quality, sound quality and more. Second only to sleep, Americans are said to spend most of their time watching television, an average of 3.1 hours a day.

Well, these days, there is no shortage of programs to watch. In fact, one study found that two-thirds of Americans say their list of shows to watch on television is so long, they don’t have enough time to watch it all. To this end, many viewers are starting to cut back on the number of streaming services they subscribe to because they are paying too much.

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Although watching too much television is not recommended, using it in moderation can calm our nervous system in a number of ways. Millions of Americans he was comforted watching their favorite entertainment programs during the pandemic. A a recent study it even shows that catching up on your favorite sitcom or listening to some music before bed can ensure a better night’s sleep.

Getting the best TV is the best way to sync all your favorite streaming services in one place, saving you the headache of connecting missing cables or calling IT staff again. With our findings, we visited 10 leading expert websites to see which TVs are of the highest quality. Our list is sorted by the most recommended TVs on these sites.

List: The Best TVs, According to the Experts

1. TCL 6-Series (~$1,000-$1,200)

Excellent QLED, gaming performance, and app selection all come together with the high-quality TCL 6-Series.

For just shy of $1,000, the TCL 6-Series offers you great picture quality and an immersive viewing experience with QLED and Mini LED backlighting. Roku’s built-in interface is easy to use with instant access to thousands of streaming services,” CNN he writes.

Reviewers note that the app is easy to use, allowing you to control all aspects of your media experience directly from your phone or mobile device.

“As TCL’s flagship TV, the R635 ups the ante with a bright mini-LED light in addition to QLED. The result is impressive color and brightness, and the best HDR performance we’ve seen in anything this side of an OLED display,” Tom’s guide he writes.

2. Samsung QN90B (~$1,500-$2,000)

The Samsung QN90B proves that you don’t need OLED to have an amazing media experience with amazing picture quality and sync capabilities.

“Looking for a high-end TV with an impressive picture, but don’t want OLED? The Samsung QN90B is your best bet,” CNET he writes. “This TV uses QLED TV tech which adds mini-LED for a brighter picture than any OLED TV. OLED’s stunning contrast still won in our side-by-side test, but the QN90B’s QLED screen is closer than ever. “

With a beautiful design, perfect brightness, anti-glare capabilities and a solar-chargeable remote, the Samsung is a good choice.

“All this is packed into a beautiful 1-inch design that contains a huge range of smart features, powerful Dolby Atmos sound and the best performance we’ve ever seen,” Tom’s guide he writes. “HDMI 2.1 connectivity comes as standard, with player-friendly features and an incredible 12.6-millisecond lag time for an unparalleled gaming experience. It was the best TV we saw last year.”

3. LG C2 (~$1,500-$2,000)

While LG’s smart TV lineup leaves many reviewers struggling to choose the best, the LG C2 is a great choice for its excellent picture quality, HDMI 2.1 connectivity, and gaming features.

“An amazing value among premium TVs, offering a stunning OLED display, a full complement of HDMI 2.1 ports, and the best gaming performance and features you can get,” Tom’s guide he writes. “In terms of image definition, the display offers rich image quality with sharp contrast, high HDR support and gaming performance that beats almost anything we’ve seen.”

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“In addition, it has one of the lowest latency times we’ve measured on a TV, its game mode delivers accurate colors, and it has superior viewing angles and pixel response times compared to LCD TVs. It supports AMD FreeSync and Nvidia G-Sync for PC gamers, too,” The New York Times writes.

4. Sony A90J (~$2,000-$2,500)

The Samsung A90J is considered to be the best television available due to its picture accuracy, perfect color tones, and smooth motion.

“The Sony A90J has the best image we’ve ever tested, with excellent detail and accurate colors. It’s one of the brightest OLED TVs we’ve seen, it supports all the standards videophiles demand and lets you access everything with ease.” CNN he writes.

The A90J also includes four HDMI ports and three USB ports with flash drive support.

“Reviewers praised the excellent picture quality, impressive sound from the TV speakers, and ease of setup and operation. This TV has HDR10 and Dolby Vision support,” US News he writes. “Built-in Google Chromecast and Apple AirPlay allow you to connect your TV to Android and iOS devices.”


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