Bensalem teenager confesses to killing girl on Instagram, police say – NBC10 Philadelphia | Tech Reddy


Police found a girl shot in Bensalem after her 16-year-old killer confessed to the crime in an Instagram video chat, police said.

The alleged killer, a boy, sent a video message on Friday evening to a stranger in which he said he had accidentally killed a man before the video changed and showed legs and feet of the man covered in blood, the Bensalem City Police Department said.

A criminal complaint said police learned of the crime after a mother called them at 4:11 p.m. Friday to tell them the 16-year-old had not been released. The 16-year-old only posted an Instagram video to his daughter but continued to read and advocate for her. help to detoxify the body.

Officers followed the boy down to his home in the 1400 block of Gibson Road, at which point he ran outside into the woods, according to the complaint. Officers then entered the home and found the victim dead from a gunshot wound to the back.

During the interview after his arrest, the boy told investigators that he got the gun while cleaning out his father’s safe. The teenager broke into the safe while replacing batteries his father had removed, causing the safe’s combination lock to fail, according to the criminal complaint.

The boy told the police that he and the victim, who came to his home after cleaning the safe, had a relationship before. The couple watched Netflix for a while, then the girl went upstairs to take a shower and was found dead.

The evidence “indicated that extensive steps had been taken to clean up the crime scene, including cleaning up a large amount of blood,” police alleged.

A juvenile is charged as an adult with criminal homicide, possession of criminal tools and tampering with or fabricating physical evidence. He was denied bail and sent to the Edison Children’s Detention Center.


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