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Apple TVs Circuit breakers is the latest addition to the platform’s ever-growing science-fiction catalog, which also includes hits such as For All Humanity and Divorce. Aimed at a younger audience, the show looks at how technology affects school and home life – the possibilities and the dangers.

In one of the episodes, Maz Jobrani and Cole Keriazakos, who play the principal and the teacher respectively, accidentally switch bodies, setting off an interesting sequence of events. We spoke to the stars of Apple TV’s Circuit breakers and asked them what they would do if such a thing happened in real life. Read on for an exclusive SK POP interview.

Maz Jobrani, star of Apple TV’s Circuit breakersdreams of a life without injury

First, we asked Cole Keriazakos what he would do if he were an adult for a day. The response was very positive.

“If I could be an adult for a day, I would make strange rules. And if I were a principal, I would just add a strange rule to the school. Like lunch on Wednesday, we would have mac and chocolate. Something really strange.”

Maz Jobrani interrupted at the time and repeated that the combination was truly amazing. However, the duo from Apple TV’s Circuit breakers It was unanimously agreed that Nutella tastes good with everything.

Jobrani then answered what he would do if he could be a child for a day:

“As a grown man now with wounds that don’t want to heal, if I was a kid, I would just go out on the football field and play for five hours straight and I’d be injured. I can live tomorrow if I get hurt. But I would not be hurt because I am a child.

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Apple TV’s show Circuit breakers He also spoke about the popularity of science fiction in today’s media context. According to Keriazakos:

“I think that a lot of people, as technology advances, are afraid that technology is reaching the level that it is and there are many shows that show that. Some anthology shows like Black Mirror and things like that, they emphasize that.”

But how about Apple TV Circuit breakers different from the norm? Keriazakos had the perfect answer:

But what our show shows is that, just because technology is advancing, it doesn’t mean it has to hold us back too much. [that] these kids will incorporate a lot of this technology and it’s very effective and efficient. So, I feel that it shows that we can embrace this technology because we are trying to help the world. “

Jobrani added that he didn’t think the popularity of science fiction was a recent phenomenon at all. He cited the classics of Orwell and Huxley as examples to illustrate his point.

“But again, listen, it’s always been that way, from books like 1984 to Brave New World, to shows like The Twilight Zone. I think technology has always been something that we’ve been dealing with. And it’s amazing how often we live. .”

He went on to say:

“Like you look at Danger Will Robinson, remember the robot? And now, you look at the robots of today, they almost look scary. Almost a human look. Ugh. So, I think sci fi is always and always will be. It’s interesting. And that’s another observation. which you explore.”

Apple TVs Circuit breakers starts November 11, 2022. If science fiction is your thing, this is what you’ve been looking for!

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