Apple joins the foldable tablet race by 2024: Samsung | Tech Reddy


According to South Korean company Samsung, Apple will offer a foldable tablet by 2024.

Samsung’s Mobile Experience team recently met with suppliers and is “optimistic about the foldable market,” according to AppleInsider.

According to them, Apple may release its first foldable gadget by 2024, but it won’t be an iPhone. “Despite the high demand for the iPhone Fold, the technology is not yet ready,” the statement said.

Apple’s design ethos is at odds with the clunky look of today’s foldable phones.

Earlier, marketing company CCS Insight predicted that the tech behemoth would soon start experimenting with foldable technologies.

Samsung now dominates the lucrative foldable sector, which Apple has yet to enter.

“Now it doesn’t make sense for Apple to release a foldable iPhone. We think they could buck that trend and dip their toe in the water with a foldable iPad,” said Ben Wood, the firm’s head of research.

“A foldable iPhone would be a huge risk for Apple. First, it would have to be incredibly expensive to avoid cannibalizing existing iPhones,” he added.

The company was looking for foldable technology for screens around 20 inches in size.


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