Angela urges wedding fans to report Michael’s Instagram page within 90 days | Tech Reddy

Angela urges wedding fans to report Michael’s Instagram page within 90 days

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Angela Deem from the 90 Day Engagement The franchise is now claiming that Michael Ilesanmi’s Instagram page is fake. Angela, 56, met Michael, 34, on Facebook before starting their TLC tour 90 Day Engagement: Before 90 Days in season 2. However, even then, Angela was worried that Michael was talking to other women online, because after all, she and Michael met when he posted a Facebook message to and him. In addition, Michael later admits that he cheated on Angela by marrying a local woman. This seriously broke Angela’s trust in Michael, but she married him, even though she still suspects him of adultery, even in 2022.


In their continued conversation on 90 Day Engagement: Happy? season 7, Angela said that Michael created an Instagram account after her. At this time, Angela only allowed Michael to use her own @deemangela account, but Michael wanted to make money by becoming an Instagram follower. In the end, Michael agreed to delete his page to explain Angela, but fans found a separate account on Instagram called @ilesanmi_k_michael_, which looks like Michael. Recently, the page went public and has more than 23.8K followers so far, making Michael’s Instagram a hot topic for the show and fans. However, on Saturday, Angela posted a photo of the page on her feed and wrote, “fake & report” up. The 90 Day Engagement star didn’t add a caption, but maybe he thought his fans would help him get the page down.

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In 90 days Angela the bride tried to delete Michael’s Instagram in 2019

Angela Deem and Michael Ilesanmi in a 90 Day Fiancé promotional photo

In 2019, 90 Day Engagement Fans of Instagram recognized a page called @babakeke26_. It was believed that Michael’s Instagram has been around for a long time, as it has more than 55K followers and photos of Michael and Angela. However, Angela said that it was not Michael’s story, and asked his fans to delete the story and, if possible, show it again. However, the fans did not follow 90 Day Engagement Angela’s plan was thought to be Michael’s Instagram image, which is true.

Angela accused the story of impersonating Michael, and some time later the name changed to @__no_user_found__b, then to @youreabullyandoldpigangela. The account was banned from his photos, but in February 2022, Michael openly stated that he created an Instagram page called @its__mrmichael, which his friend from Nigeria, Usman “Sojaboy” Umar promoted his own Instagram. Angela was upset with Michael dating Usman, who had a fight with her in an episode of 90 days are all over, he called him a thief.

According to Usman, Angela took all of Michael’s Cameo money and used it to buy herself a new house. Angela was punished by Usman for allegedly not being ready to bring Michael to the US In November 2022, Angela and Michael were spotted together in Nigeria despite fans spreading rumors He was spotted at the Atlanta airport. This indicated that Michael had not yet received his passport, but was still living with Angela. Although her latest Instagram and TikTok posts show loving and heartwarming videos of Michael, Angela’s claim that her husband’s social media page is fake can only be believed. But chances are that Angela is more insecure and jealous of him, and he still doesn’t trust her. 90 Day Engagement Michael’s husband is very private on Instagram.

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