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Thane: Instagram friend ran away from Kalyan with bike worth 90,000 | Face description

Male: An 18-year-old boy from Dombivali was duped and lost his bike worth 90,000 rupees after trusting an ‘instagram friend’.

Sub-inspector PK Nikam of Tilaknagar police station said on the complaint, saying that the complainant said that Karan Sagvekar (18), a resident of Shiv-Amrit chawl in Sarovar Nagar in Dombivali, was misled. in his trust and submission. on his bike to his Instagram friend. The police have identified Aniket Wadekar (19), a resident of Kalyan.

Karan and Aniket first met on Instagram and dated each other for several months.

Met in Thakurli

On Tuesday, after a discussion, they decided to meet. Karan called her to meet her in Thakurli East Railway Station area on Sunday evening. Karan reached the railway station area on his bike and Aniket came to Thakurli through border.

He did not return after taking the key

Nikam added, “Aniket and Karana met and during their meeting, Aniket told Karana that your bike is very nice and the color is good. Aniket allegedly asked for one round of cycling Karan. Believing Aniket’s words, Karan let go. the bike. But after half an hour, Aniket did not return.”

He bowed his brow and added that the accused also went to Thakurli railway station to look for Aniket but could not find him. Karan searched for his friend for two days and also tried to contact him through Instagram, but he did not respond. After coming to know about the fraud, Karan filed a complaint on Thursday, November 3 regarding the theft of a bicycle worth Rs. 90,000. The police have registered the case and are investigating.

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