Amazon Advertising Shows NFL Audiences Are Better Than Network TV | Tech Reddy


  • Amazon is announcing its exclusive NFL deal on “Thursday Night Football” to boost its growing ad business.
  • In the presentation, it said its football audience is younger and watches longer than the NFL’s network TV audience.
  • It suggested that sellers could be missing out if they don’t build some Amazon ads into their campaigns.

Amazon’s exclusive deal to stream the NFL’s “Thursday Football” has pushed it into the sports arena.

The tech and big box stores surprised some with their strong audience numbers, and on Wednesday’s show, he used those results to show advertisers their superiority over television, which still gets the lion’s share of TV ad budgets. Amazon further highlighted its strength with younger viewers and said that Nielsen data shows that large parts of its ‘TNF’ viewers have kept the NFL on other networks, including NBC, ESPN, and Fox.

It also uses the NFL to market its extensive advertising business, which at $31 billion is one of the fastest growing businesses, citing Nielsen, Amazon’s internal data, and other sources.

Danielle Carney, director of marketing for NFL Amazon Ads, made a pitch to sellers at UnBoxed22, an Amazon showcase for sellers and advertisers, held in New York on October 25-27. Scroll down to see selected slides from his presentation.


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