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Netflix introduced its premium tier in Canada on November 1. Canadians looking to switch to the new $5.99 monthly subscription plan for Apple TV, however, are currently out of luck.

The ‘basic with ads’ level appears to be currently unsupported on Apple TV devices, as first reported by Various types.

According to the report given Various types a Netflix spokesperson said, “Support for plan ads on tvOS is not available at launch but is coming soon.”

A support document on the Netflix website about the lack of ‘Basic with Ads’ support on the Apple TV level was first seen by. 9to5Mac.

It is possible that Netflix’s acceleration of the launch of the ad-supported tier from early 2023 to November 2022 caught Apple by surprise, and that played a role in the unused tier of Apple TV streaming devices. Netflix has reportedly accelerated the release of its ad-supported tier to beat Disney+, which aims to release its cheaper, ad-supported tier in December 2022.

It’s worth noting that Netflix’s ‘Basic,’ ‘Standard,’ and ‘Premium’ tiers work as intended on Apple TV devices. If you’ve already subscribed to Netflix’s ‘Basic with Ads,’ and intended to use it on Apple TV, you’ll have to make do with using the service on a different device for now. According to Apple, support for an ad-supported plan on Apple TV is “coming soon.”

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