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Some background and disclosure first – cast your mind back to late September, right after the World Cup, where Pizza Hut ambassador Remco Evenepoel was the flavor of the month. On September 30, after many articles and accusations, the owner of Tere-Step AlphaVinyl Patrick Lefevere posted a photo of himself having dinner with Remco Evenepoel – an effort to deny in talks about a transfer to the Ineos Grenadiers. For better or worse, this led me down the Instagram rabbit hole of a 67-year-old Belgian.

At the time, Caley said it should be protected until the offseason is deep. After the last week, this is probably the moment we need the most from Patrick Lefevere’s Instagram account. My colleagues have completed or are in the process of writing opinion pieces dedicated to our former colleagues, who are now just friends. I have gone on to analyze the leg photos. As Caley, Matt and Dave helped create CyclingTips, here’s what they want: Paddy Lefev’s tootsies…

The following is the September morning edition scrolling through 10 years of Patrick Lefevere’s Instagram. Whether you love him or hate him, there is no doubt about the odyssey we are about to embark on. Basically, it’s a celebration of ten years of work, clockwork, delivery, and it’s over. Sun in. Sun outside.

Does this get me blacklisted from future Fast-Step AlphaVinyl zoom press conferences, or banned from their annual press gathering in the warm January of the Suitopia hotel in Calpe? Will a black car pull up next to me when I’m in Belgium for the Classics, open its sliding door and bundle me in, never to be seen again? That’s just a problem I have. It’s not like he can let me go (maybe).

And whatever the meaning, the meaning is true. Right, let’s go. First of all…

…Patrick’s legs

It’s the week after the end of the 2013 Tour de France and Patrick is on vacation. Relaxing at home, he tapped on his wall-mounted television for the final 12km of the second stage of the Tour of Poland. He took out his phone. He opened his camera. He took the photo. His feet are inside but he doesn’t care. He opens Instagram. “Looking forward to Poland,” he wrote. Hang up. It’s done. Patrick Lefevere’s well-preserved feet have now been posted online.

The moon passed. Time for another TV/digital combo, Lefevere (probably) thought to himself. Grab. Boom.

Now, you might think, that’s true. This episode is over – two of these series have been huge.

You will be wrong. As winter approaches, there are two regular versions – the same photo posted twice, the repeat is better than the original Patrick watching some cyclocross action in Tabor . Will he delete the duplicate after realizing his mistake? That’s crazy. Have you led a cycling team to 1,000 wins? It didn’t feel that way. Maybe save the advice for someone who really needs it. In November the socks are off and the TV schedule is Moto GP followed by other cyclocross. What a great way to spend a Sunday.

Of course, Patrick Lefevere doesn’t lead all the time, in front of the TV like the rest of us. Helicopters, champagne, wine, parties, and a rainy place where Eddy Merckx lives is a bit sad. So, by April 2014, our feet were frozen by the pool.

Blue steel

Jump forward to 2015 and we’re in the era of Lefevere’s Blue Period.

Blue steel on an airplane.

Blue steel in the back seat.

There’s also a personal video where Lefevere looks into your soul (for so long, while driving a car?!) and explores your deepest secrets. Don’t worry, he won’t tell anyone.

hello Love

And we have the talking photos. There are many of them. Others accompanied James Bond Daniel Craig behind. Others have depictions of lions and wolves in them. It’s so alpha that I want to go out now and hit a wall.

“A day without laughter is a wasted day”, one of the most heartfelt, “Good but not easy,” captioned Lefevere. “Sometimes I want to give up,” said another, “and then I think there are many women to prove wrong”. “I have an addiction called heroism” is also important, I think your Belgian cycling manager looks like you have ‘Live Laugh Love’ hanging in your hall. Although, he eventually entered the borders of the LiveLaughLove culture.

The first walk in my new shoes is another baby, Lefevere is sporting some new Tims in January 2017, when everyone’s products are working. Human beings The cosmetics range for the group’s sponsor Lidl is evidence that there is room for action around the whole game.

Of course, there are many images related to cycling. Photos from the team’s interior, and the stars of its team from various eras in far-flung locations around the world. Here’s a Julian Alaphilippe looking really badass and a lesson in style (but who’s Julian messing around with a soft drink cup? It’s got beer in it.)

There are also some gems from the archives of Lefevere’s own racing days.

The photo above is of Lefevere, but the one below is a complete throwback:

Of course, there are also some of the Patrick Lefevere that have kept the lights on in many media houses over the years. Meanwhile, he accused the Tour of California of treating him and Quick-Step like prisoners for serving them Honey Nut Cheerios for breakfast.

As we fast forward to 2019, a photo has surfaced of a younger looking Remco Evenepoel signing his Quick-Step contract.

It’s good that we were led to the photo that inspired this article, piqued my interest and led me down this frustrating path to an internet treasure. The show: a fancy dinner with Evenepoel and Evenepoel Snr. A demonstration of public unity among the Ineos mill. He no longer uploads images to his television from a vertical position on his sofa; but he is playing 4D chess and the rest of us are playing chess.

All I can say is thank you, Patrick. For your dedication to reading and documenting the highs, lows and lows of professional cycling. “The older I get the more I realize it’s okay to live in a world that other people don’t understand,” says one of the new photo captions. I couldn’t agree more.


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