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Everyone goes on different journeys to achieve something. The announcements of these achievements are often inspiring. Like this Instagram share that shows how one person went off the grid to continue their weight loss journey. The post also has a video showing the reactions of his family and friends after seeing his transformation.

Bryan O’Keeffe shared his story on Instagram with the clip. “There’s one question I keep asking – ‘How did I do?’ In November, I finally got around to listening to a book I bought 3 years ago @davidgoggins – Can’t Hurt Me which is really a series of lessons to get mentally harder. This made me decide to try to tackle my obesity in a different way. But to follow my old path of least resistance, what if I do the opposite, “he wrote. Then he explained how the book helped him and his decision to go off schedule to achieve his goal.

“During 7 months, I didn’t take a day off. I missed a lot of injuries I had but I didn’t want to stop and just train in pain. Every day, I just tried to do one more, one long, one kilometer – even if I could do 1% better. When I started, I was over 24 stone (153Kg/338lbs). When I flew to home for emergencies, I’ve lost about 10 stone (63Kg/138lbs),” he explained. He also added a touch of hilarity at the end of the post saying, “Finally. .. Yes I know… The bun man is awesome.”

Check out the video that captures people’s reactions to seeing her after her transformation.

The video was posted two months ago. Since being shared, the clip has garnered more than two million views, and the numbers are only increasing. Re-sharing encouraged people to post a variety of stories.

“Oh. You did a great job!! Oh but wait! Don’t have daily responsibilities and responsibilities and a family or pet to take care of? How are you going to leave for 7 months!? How did you pay for that?! How do people do this in real life instead of RPGs and movies?!” asked one Instagram user. O’Keeffe responded to the comment by writing, “I saved money on before, I worked remotely for the first two months. I didn’t have a boyfriend or kids but I had my dog. It was a long way.”

“I respect you and you inspire me. Love from India!,” said another. “The lady in the blue top looks so sweet,” said and a third. “Just one word, ‘Respect’,” posted a fourth.


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