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A new way to sell products on Instagram — Right in Chat

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It's a form of Instagram chat payment application with Jawsurf.
Mark Zuckerberg announced this feature today in a conversation with Jawsurf on Instagram.

A new way to market: pay in conversation on Instagram

Instagram helps people find and connect with the things that matter most to them. And it’s not just between family and friends – people are messaging their favorite businesses. Every week, one billion people message a business across our family of apps — whether it’s chatting with brands, checking out products, asking for support or interacting with news. We want to help people start talking to the businesses they care about and help them find and buy the products they love in a simple, easy, from the discussion thread. That’s why today we offer a new way to buy on Instagram — where you can chat.

A photo showing a conversation between a buyer and a seller on Instagram, and the transaction process through the conversation.

During your conversation with a qualified small business on Instagram, you can make sales without leaving the conversation. For example, if you want a backpack, send a message to the business about what you love. From there, you can discuss requirements – such as adding your initials – and then place your order in the chat. In that discussion thread, you can also track your order and ask the company any follow-up questions. Finally, you can use it Meter Price to complete purchases, pay more easily in just a few clicks. And you can buy with confidence knowing that you have it costs are well managed and yours purchases are protected.

A photo showing a conversation between a business owner and a customer in a chat on Instagram, asking the customer for payment.

Using this new feature, small business owners can:

  • Talk to customers in real time to answer questions​​​​​​​​ and confirm sales information.
  • Create a price request with an item description and price.
  • Request and collect payment.

And when businesses are ready to set up their digital stores, they can use them The stores on Instagram and Facebook.

As we look to the next chapter of the internet and the metaverse, we look forward to giving people access to tools like in-chat payments that will make life easier. of man.


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