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Meta is making it harder to find the Shop tab on Instagram with its new test. In the new test, the Store tab has been removed from the app’s Home Screen and hidden under Settings. The Shop tab is before the bottom navigation bar.

Some users The change was first reported on Twitter, noting that the Notifications tab replaced the Shop tab. However, TechCrunch found that the Messages tab is now live, indicating that more testing is underway.

A Meta spokesperson confirmed to TechCrunch that the company is testing various variants.

“As part of our ongoing work to simplify your Instagram experience, we’re testing some changes to the main navigation bar at the bottom of the app with a small number of people,” they told us.

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Social media has become a major revenue stream for online marketers. Instagram launched Stores in 2020, giving users more ways to sell products within the app. The Shop tab will be moved to the Home Screen later next year, to help creators and small businesses promote their products. In 2021, Instagram added ads to the Shop tab.

Removing the Stores tab from the main navigation bar will cause problems for some online stores that use Instagram Stores as a source of income. Although not completely removed from the app, it is more difficult to find. Instagram has other ways to market across the app, whether it’s in the feed, stories, or gels.

It looks like Instagram is getting less aggressive with its e-commerce scene. Instagram informed employees in an internal memo earlier this month that the company would be testing a simpler version of the feature, the source said. The reason for this is a change in the company’s “priorities,” the memo said.

The Shop tab may not have been as successful as Instagram had hoped. Some users Anyone who saw the test was happy to see the ad section removed from their Home Screen, we noticed.

Meta tested a few other features this month, including a new monetization feature for creators, a skin filter and a repost feature.


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