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After this tiny piece of lettuce got stuck in a bag, refusing to play with his tablet, viewers discovered his aversion to vegetables.

Not much happens between a child and video games, except vegetables. TikToker and parent Mia (@xmia_dollx) discovered this when her daughter Aspen was afraid to play with a lettuce leaf insect stuck to the back of her tablet. they had to face the bug with fear.

“I can’t do this thing,” Mia says at the start of the clip to footage of the tablet encased in a bright pink protective case.

Mia Aspen explains that she hasn’t been playing with her tablet lately and instead looks at the back of the tablet to make sure the lever to lift it stays closed.

“Finally, something told me to look behind the tablet, he’s scared of it,” Mia says, opening the lever and revealing a piece of old lettuce.

“She’s scared of the lettuce stuck in there,” Mia says, trying to show her daughter the vegetable.

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As the terrified boy screams and runs away from the tablet, Mia tries to convince him that the brown thing stuck to his back is not a spider, but a wilted lettuce leaf.

Luckily, Mia comes to the rescue with a wet wipe and gets away with the lettuce.

Many viewers can relate to Aspen’s lettuce situation.

“When I was a kid, I was afraid of dried strawberry leaves because I thought they were bad,” one user shared.

– Brother, who is not afraid of salad? asked one TikToker.

“Me too, sister.” The salad surprises me too,” praised one viewer.
Despite her daughter’s horrified reaction, Mia informed viewers that Aspen is now 4 years old, and even laughed when she watched the video.

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