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As I try to keep up with current news and events, I’ve always struggled to find a good place to get all my information. Being part of Gen Z, I know that many people use the internet and social media as a way to stay informed. Over the years, I’ve collected seven Instagram accounts that I use to keep up with the world of current events and politics.

1. @Chnge

One of the first accounts I started following was @chnge. Their account follows human rights and political issues around the world. Chnge posts several times a week to keep fans informed. With over 2 million followers, their feed covers civil rights and inequality, voting and upcoming elections in America, women’s rights, climate change, and all politics. Chnge also has a website where they sell items such as clothes, cups, hats, and more. Chnge makes all of their merchandise with a focus on sustainable products that don’t harm the environment and fair rights in their factories for their workers. Chnge is a great resource for young adults who want to know.

2. @Panga

The next Instagram account I follow for current events is @impact. The site also releases daily, allowing fans to update on news and events. They have a goal of pushing content that will leave an impact on their followers. They post news about voting rights and voting rights, pop culture news, LGBTQIA+ news, civil rights, and many other political issues and events. . Impact has a website where you can register to vote, donate to relief funds like the Hurricane Ian relief fund, or sign petitions for many different causes. Impact gives fans the resources to change, which is one of the many reasons I’ve followed their diet for so long.

3. @Environment

Speaking of @impact, they created a second Instagram account related to weather reports called @taiao. The Environment is a great source of information on how to protect the environment and keep up-to-date on climate change. Their newsletters include information about people facing water issues, tips for voting to protect the climate, explanations of the climate crisis, and tips for protecting the earth. This account is a great tool to have. Since following this talk, I have become more aware of climate change. Their account is good for anyone interested in climate change and the earth in general.

4. @Feminist

Another important comment is @feminist. Their account encourages everyone to be a feminist and stick to women’s rights and the stories surrounding them. Their account focuses on many aspects of the story. They share posts about body image support, current issues around the world that affect women, politics, and elections. Their account empowers everyone to support women’s rights and highlights everyday issues that affect many people today. This is a great story to guide people towards women’s empowerment.

5. @NowThisNews

The next news outlet I collect my news from is @nowthinews. Their account looks different when posting than others I follow. They post a short video or talk about the breaking news of the day. Focuses only on current events across multiple disciplines. They cover a wide range of news, including but not limited to pop culture, politics, news, and many other general topics. The account posts multiple times per day, giving fans a variety of content options they can choose to join. They also have a website that fans can access. A great read for anyone looking to cover a variety of topics, from seemingly heavy topics to something light and fun to read.

6. @NowThisPolitics

If you’re a fan of @nowthisnews but want more political coverage, this account is for you. @Nowthispolitics is an account from NowThis that focuses on politics. @nowthisnews does the same thing. Their accounts are forward-looking and focus on politics not only in the United States but throughout. It also provides information on early and general voting. They report political news all over the world. This is a great account to follow if you like NowThis and want to better understand politics.

7. @Politico and 8. @OnTheCampaignTrail

The following two accounts are similar to NowThis. The @politico account provides daily news on politics and policy. They share videos and newsletters to inform people interested in politics and the latest news. They also have a website that viewers can access for more updates. Another account called @onthecampaigntrail, owned by Politico, is a great way for people to learn about the election. As a first time voter, this account is very helpful when you want to learn how to vote and who is running for office. Both of these accounts are great information centers for people who want to better understand voting and politics.

As part of Gen Z, it’s important to learn about ways to stay smart. Nowadays many people turn to the internet and social media. This list of accounts helped me navigate important issues and topics. Living in a generation full of energy and a desire for change is a blessing – and I hope that by staying informed and educating ourselves, we can all be a part of this change.


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