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Wednesday November 2, 2022 11:00 PM Last updated on: Wednesday November 2, 2022 11:00 PM

Design: Syeda Afrin Tarannum


Design: Syeda Afrin Tarannum

I started my Halloween when Instagram notified me that I violated their secret community guidelines and suspended my account. This problem made me learn more about human nature and the stages of depression in my sophomore philosophy course, but that’s probably because I was mostly falling asleep in class.


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When Instagram gave me the instructions to enter the verification code, I believed in it. I followed everything they asked me to do. My account is coming back for the second time now. I just have to wait. So, I waited, I waited. This was the attitude of Nawab Siraj-ud-daula when he was waiting for Mir Zafar to join him in the battle of Plassey.


A year has passed and I haven’t heard from Instagram. The morning started with me not getting my account back. After all these years on social media, I finally zucc’ed, and for no reason. I’m getting angrier by the second and I want to pull Zuckerberg by the collar of his human shirt, bring out the lizard hiding inside and kick him to Mars. Maybe Elon Musk could join him there, and they’ll fight each other for control, and they’ll both be wiped out from our planet.


I was sad now. There has to be another way – I can go on Facebook. I logged in and was immediately flooded with more ads than when you click a fish link to download a fish video. Then I saw a group of people talking loudly about how Gen-Z is bad and have no hope for the world, under a ridiculous article. I decided not to go from there. I thought about Twitter, and I remember that wannabe Batman is closer to the Joker every day. I decided not to go from there.


There is no alternative to Instagram for me. How do I look at Reddit, TikTok, Tumblr, and Twitter content if Instagram is gone? I get lost like a lonely chicken wandering around the Jhigatola bus stand. I thought about all the photos I had carefully chosen over the years, and all the interesting stories I was following. How do I find them all even though I’ve created a new account? What should I do with my life now?


\This may be a blessing in disguise. I have a lot of free time. I decided not to create another Instagram account. Yes, I loved taking photos. I can buy film cameras and darkroom equipment so I can print photos and hang them on the walls of my house. Everything was fine. I was finally at peace.

Then my Instagram came back and I’ve been scrolling for the past 39 hours.

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