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On Wednesday, Aly and AJ released their new single ‘With Love From’ and teased their upcoming album which will be released in spring 2023.

If you’re like us at The Honey POP, you’ve been following Aly & AJ since their Disney days. (The original d-com Arrow Cow has been in our heads non-retirement since 2006.) If you’re new to this sister duo, now’s the perfect time to see what it’s all about. Their previous album, the sound of the gun wakes you up and you go out into the sun, marked their return to music after 14 years.

Not only are the words related, but the same symbols for “personal thoughts and memories” in this next period. We were so inspired to create our own Instagram stickers using the words from “With Love.”

“It’s a mystery that I ended up here”

Going on vacation? This line is perfect for showing your recent journey or the beginning of a new chapter in your life. It can be used to express gratitude for where you are now and what is to come. Or just a reason to post those foreign photos that are sitting in your camera roll. 😉

“I’m Lying in Las Vegas”

This is a great label for when you’re on the go! Picture the city behind you, all the lights shining, or a colorful photo paired with a drink and some poker chips. We mean, the place is just laid out.

Photo Source: Stephen Ringer

“Think about the time, don’t forget it”

We love this song! This is a great way to show off a selfie you took when you liked it, or a cute, new outfit that you’re dying to look like. You can use the first half, “slow down and time,” and post a candid photo of you and your loved ones. Romanticize your life and be creative with it!

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‘Sincerely,’ [Your Name]

An interesting and fun way to label your next photo shoot is to use the song title and your name as you sign a letter. Aly & AJ posted the video on Instagram with the caption, “Wherever this song may find you. I hope it finds you well. With Love, A&A.” Isn’t that so beautiful?

If you use any of these captions for your next Instagram post, we’d love to see them! Tag @TheHoneyPOP to find out and don’t forget to check out ‘With Love From’ by Aly & AJ now!



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