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100+ best Cyber ​​Monday deals – Apple, OLED TVs, laptops and more

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Google Pixel 6a with a deal tag

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This is one of those deals that made me do a double take. $1 a month? Really? Yes! New and existing AT&T customers can get the premium Google Pixel 6a for just $1 a month with no trade-ins required. Now, listen carefully because you will have to buy the phone on a monthly installment plan and you will have to be on an unlimited data plan. But still – $1 a month is crazy. Don’t want to be locked out of AT&T? Amazon has it unlocked and on sale for just $299 – the lowest unlocked price.

Top 5 Amazon Cyber ​​Monday Deals Now

Amazon Cyber ​​Monday deals

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Amazon is one of the first major retailers to switch 100% to Cyber ​​Monday sales. It might be serving thousands of ads now, which is a win for me too. So let’s cut through some of those deals and check out the best Amazon Cyber ​​Monday deals this morning.

Epic MacBook Air Deal

Macbook Air M1 and Cyber ​​Monday badge

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I’m a Mac fanboy and I can’t remember the last time I saw a MacBook Air on sale for less than $899. Sure, this is the previous MacBook Air M1, but at $799 it’s a crazy price to buy. In our MacBook Air M1 review, we said this Editors’ Choice machine offers MacBook Pro-like power and incredible battery life. (It lasted 14 hours and 41 minutes in our battery tests). You get Apple’s signature speed, style and portability for just $799.

The Smallest OLED TV


(Image credit: LG)

Happy Sunday, everyone! It’s 7am here in NYC and this is deals editor Louis here bringing you the best Cyber ​​Monday deals. I’m going to start this blog with my first Cyber ​​Monday shopping in years!! I officially pulled the trigger and bought an LG C2 65-inch OLED TV. All sizes are sold at both Best Buy and Amazon, but I chose the 65-inch because, hey, nobody ever said their TV was too big.

So why this TV? Our TV editor/managing editor Nick Pino has rated it the best TV of 2022 saying it combines excellent picture quality with a sleek design. It is also suitable for football players thanks to the 120Hz refresh rate and HDMI 2.1 connection. Also, this TV replaces my (very) old, but wonderful Panasonic ST60 1080p Plasma. I didn’t want to give up on performance at all.

(Heads up, Amazon sometimes sells the LG C2 OLED through a 3rd party seller, which is why I linked both Best Buy and Amazon above. I recommend buying directly from Amazon only).


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